Sunday, 27 January 2008

Turner Sea-Life Centre

According to the Enviroment Agencies own website the site of the Art Gallery is prone to flooding,as is The Old Town and by the look of it a large part of Dreamland, perhaps a closer look at the figures is needed before any new buildings are put on these sites,especially as we are constantly being warned of global warming and rising sea levels.
Insurance companies will not insure some domestic or commercial properties that are on flood plains and it seems to me that it will be difficult to get major works of art insured at a venue of unproven safety and security.
Margate needs these developments to bring in much needed employment and money to improve and enhance the town,but let us not forget the lessons of the past and endanger lives in the pursuit of money,Personally I do not want or need Turner,but if it costs the local ratepayers nothing then we should have it.Future funding should come from The Arts Council or the National Lottery and Turner should charge an admission charge and pay rates and taxes.

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Anonymous said...

I sometimes wonder about the quality of local planning.