Thursday, 28 February 2008

Please read.

So Long and Thanks for all the Fish.

After considering long and hard about the state of the Thanet Blogsphere and taking into account that Eastcliffe is invite only and we have lost Simon's input to our little community i think it is time for me to stop.
This is in no way a slight on all the very good blogs that exist and the newbies that show more promise than i could ever hope to achieve,this is more down to those selfish few who insist that their way is best and will not even engage in dialogue on a reasonable basis,I will not mention names ,but you know who you are!
Some of us ( including me) get a bee in our bonnets over certain issues,Michael and I share the same worries over the development of Pleasurama and the Turner Centre,Eastcliffe concerns himself more with the general malaise that infects our little Island,Ovit tends to be against everything that the Tories do.
Thanet Life gave us lots to think about and many excellent links but of course his blog had to change and adapt with his decision to enter politics.
There are many contributers to these blogs and it seems to me that the humour and the spirit has been lost to some extent, and it may be some time before people of the same calibre as those that have gone come to the fore.
But, there again as i write this post it seems to me that perhaps the bulldog spirit should now come to the fore.
To be an Englishman in England has become an almost impossible position,perhaps it is time for all of us to show our true colours and nail them to the mast,by all means be anon,but lets not dive into the trenches when things do not go our own way,the English language is a rich one and surely we can blog and comment without resorting to threats and innuendo,I will wait on your answers and comments before a final decision is made,it's all up to you.

Monday, 18 February 2008

What's going on 2

According to the papers today Oasis have got the top two best British albums of all time,well that is a load of bo**ocks.
Dark side of the moon(floyd)
Sgt Peppers(Beatles)
The Winkers Album(misprint)(Ivor Biggun)
Even a spoken word album by M.Thatcher would be more interesting than anything by the brothers grim,in fact the only track I will ever playof their's is "Don't look back in anger"and that is only because it admits that they are second or even third rate Beatles clones.
These must be the same people who think that amy wine/drug house and that wally from babyshambles are good role models.

Friday, 15 February 2008

What is going on?

I have been sitting here watching the various shennanigans of the Thanet blogging fraternity and it is very sad to hear that we have lost Moores and Eastcliffe(Temp).
Regardless of their respective political persuasions they made life seem a little brighter on this embattled Isle.
Simon gave us information,pictures and latterly a better insight and access to T.D.C.
Richard for the most part gave a light-hearted take on life interspersed with tackling some of the more important aspects of Thanet regeneration or lack of.I would endorse simon's actions and wish the Moores family well for the future.
As for Richard"Get your finger out and get blogging"and remember to back up your blog this time,because as you know it happened to me once before and I learnt my lesson,ttfn,DVT

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Turner Sea-Life Centre

According to the Enviroment Agencies own website the site of the Art Gallery is prone to flooding,as is The Old Town and by the look of it a large part of Dreamland, perhaps a closer look at the figures is needed before any new buildings are put on these sites,especially as we are constantly being warned of global warming and rising sea levels.
Insurance companies will not insure some domestic or commercial properties that are on flood plains and it seems to me that it will be difficult to get major works of art insured at a venue of unproven safety and security.
Margate needs these developments to bring in much needed employment and money to improve and enhance the town,but let us not forget the lessons of the past and endanger lives in the pursuit of money,Personally I do not want or need Turner,but if it costs the local ratepayers nothing then we should have it.Future funding should come from The Arts Council or the National Lottery and Turner should charge an admission charge and pay rates and taxes.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

I love this view

I cannot remember where this came from,probably found it after a heavy session at the pub.

Perhaps michael can date it,I am popping in to see him during the week as I really need a book about the life and times of King George the fifth as I am studying English History at night classes.

Even at my age I am constantly trying to improve myself(although the wife say's I am wasting my time)and you never know when it might be useful to have as an addition to my C.V.

Here's one for the Vicar

Always read the small print.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Northern Rock

I got an E-Mail from my mate Dave who writes-

I have read reports of The Wall Street Crash of 1929 and the people who jumped from windows because they had lost everything,so what gives with the SHAREHOLDERS of Northern Rock,it is owned by them,it pays the dividends that they live on and now it is in trouble the Government is bailing them out.?
Now you might think they would be grateful,but no ,they want more,they are going to have a meeting to vote for no confidence in the board and also to oppose a government takeover of the bank,NO,NO,NO,NO pay for it yourself,if i go broke that is it,i cannot ask anyone for £20,000 and then say Thanks, but your not getting it back!!!!
What do you think DVT?,sorry to rant but I am really pissed off about this.

ed-Guessed that dave,I have no opinion on this really,I will have a look at the reports and add to this later,dvt.

All men are created equal

According to the Thanet Times today KCC are among the top in the country to work for if you are Gay or Bi,therefore if all men ARE created EQUAL how is that fair or right?
If it means that two people of slightly different experience go for an interview that the gay one get the job ahead of the straight then that is wrong.Jobs should go to the best candidate.
I am sure that all people regardless of sexuality,colour,religion or place of birth want to be treated equally,there are too many of the"I am different and therefore special"groups around who do their particular communities a disservice by being outspoken as in the case of Peter Tatchell who seems to take great delight in forcing his views on what is normally a peaceful and happy gay community.
Positive descrimination is just as bad as negative,it is time that the people of this country accepted this fact and got on with the job in hand(perhaps the wrong phraseology there)and realised that it is up to all of us to make this country a pleasant place to live and work.