Friday, 15 February 2008

What is going on?

I have been sitting here watching the various shennanigans of the Thanet blogging fraternity and it is very sad to hear that we have lost Moores and Eastcliffe(Temp).
Regardless of their respective political persuasions they made life seem a little brighter on this embattled Isle.
Simon gave us information,pictures and latterly a better insight and access to T.D.C.
Richard for the most part gave a light-hearted take on life interspersed with tackling some of the more important aspects of Thanet regeneration or lack of.I would endorse simon's actions and wish the Moores family well for the future.
As for Richard"Get your finger out and get blogging"and remember to back up your blog this time,because as you know it happened to me once before and I learnt my lesson,ttfn,DVT

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I'll be back.