Saturday, 29 September 2007


I have been working a lot of late and have had no time to post or comment,So reading all of the last couple of weeks local posts it seems to me-

Ramsgate Sands-In the summer it will be fine,but and this is a BIG BUT,come the winter storms, it will be the most frightening and dangerous place you can imagine.
I have seen waves hitting the main stairs and crushing garage doors,Flints weighing 2-3 pounds hitting the cliff wall after being thrown over the top of the old Pleasurama building by the power of the waves.

Victoria Pavilion-Sand washed up to the building and waves hitting the upper walkway.

Manston-There have been planes overflying Ramsgate for many years,In fact Vulcan Bombers and Victor tankers used to do circuit and bumps all night,no-one moaned!!!!!!!!!!!

Margate Old Town-going downhill faster than a runaway rollercoaster,Hardly any shops open and the ladies hairdressers is closed on a saturday afternoon,pubs mostly empty and the council are allowing a new pub to open in the lower high street.

Turner Centre-See Ramsgate Sands