Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Northern Rock

I got an E-Mail from my mate Dave who writes-

I have read reports of The Wall Street Crash of 1929 and the people who jumped from windows because they had lost everything,so what gives with the SHAREHOLDERS of Northern Rock,it is owned by them,it pays the dividends that they live on and now it is in trouble the Government is bailing them out.?
Now you might think they would be grateful,but no ,they want more,they are going to have a meeting to vote for no confidence in the board and also to oppose a government takeover of the bank,NO,NO,NO,NO pay for it yourself,if i go broke that is it,i cannot ask anyone for £20,000 and then say Thanks, but your not getting it back!!!!
What do you think DVT?,sorry to rant but I am really pissed off about this.

ed-Guessed that dave,I have no opinion on this really,I will have a look at the reports and add to this later,dvt.


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Anonymous said...

Interestingly that "rant" seemed only to attract some spam which is a shame because there were some points worthy of debate there.