Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Broken Thanet

We have all heard about "Broken Britain" but closer to home we have"Broken Thanet"I have watched from the sidelines as our local council have almost destroyed what was once a proud island,perhaps not intentionally they have allowed certain people and companies to dictate what happens to us.
Most of you know I am not a fan of the Turner Con Temporary and from what I have seen and heard it cannot and will not help the regeneration of Margate,simply put, I mean that a free to enter gallery will not bring any money into the isle.most visitors will have a quick look around the gallery and then go on to eat in Canterbury or Herne Bay or any of the multitude of better places than Margate,sad, but true I am afraid. and I wish that it was not so.
It may be a start on the way to making Thanet viable again but it is not the complete answer,more needs to be done.
Another Tesco's in Margate might help but we already have enough Supermarkets for the size of the population and that will only use up local money which will not stay in the area,we need punters from outside Thanet to spend money for the benefit of Thanet and that will only happen if we have the local companies capable of bringing in that income.
Westwood Cross is proving that all it could be a success but the roads around it are ill thought out and cost local drivers a fortune in time and petrol,go up about 1 or 2 on a saturday afternoon and see what I mean,someone needs to plan a proper infrastructure for this isle to prosper and I hope that come the next local election we will get a new council who actually care about us and not themselves(there are some exceptions of course).
Finally for now I would ask that people would stop thinking about who gets the most funding or which town is best or worst off,we can only succeed if we all pull together and make something of the place that most of us are proud to call Home.

Where am I

After due consideration I have decided to have another try at this blogging lark.
More soon-