Monday, 16 July 2007

Not gone ,just moved

It has been a while since my last post,mainly because we moved to a bigger place and we have been really busy,Richard needs to brush up on his maths because it was only 30 days since the last post,not a lot is happening over here in the valley,but might have some interesting news on the entertainment front soon.
I met a man(not like that justin)!!!!who is going to put on a show at the Dane Valley Arms which should be very good,more details to follow later.
It is good to see so many new bloggers coming onto the scene,perhaps one day we could have a convention so we can all meet,mine's a lager,ttfn,dvt


Eastcliff Richard said...

Ted! I thought you were dead! Or gone on one of your 'holidays'!

Good to see you're still around. Will amend my blog immediately.

danevalleyted said...

My main pc went tit's up and the lappie was infected by a rather nasty prog whuch keeps deleting the wireless connection,that's the last time i put music on an unscanned I-pod !