Thursday, 19 July 2007

Drapers Mills School Musical Theatre Club

The theatre club's production of Bugsy Malone last night was an absolute pleasure to watch,from the opening medley of tunes to the Grand Finale this was a triumph for the children of the cast.
Special mentions for Bugsy,Blousey,Tallulah and Roxy,the rest of the cast were amazing and with the backing from a duo of musicians a great musical came to life.
Many parents were wiping tears of pride from their eyes,not just for their own child but the entire cast,in fact I got a little misty myself.
Lots of splurge guns and custard pies were on hand and plenty of funny moments filled the hall with laughter,all in all a wonderful experience for everyone.

With this sort of effort being put in by both pupils and teachers alike Drapers will go on to be, not just a good school but a great one.

For legal and safety reasons I cannot post pictures or real names ,which is a shame because a lot of people should be able to see that at least some of our young people can be and are a real asset to the Thanet Community.

Thank you Drapers Mills for a great night,see if you can top it next year!

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Anonymous said...

So glad to see that not all is bad in my old home.Went to Drapers back in the 60's and was born on Collage Road,now live in the states and try to keep in touch with the news of Thanet.