Sunday, 20 January 2008

I love this view

I cannot remember where this came from,probably found it after a heavy session at the pub.

Perhaps michael can date it,I am popping in to see him during the week as I really need a book about the life and times of King George the fifth as I am studying English History at night classes.

Even at my age I am constantly trying to improve myself(although the wife say's I am wasting my time)and you never know when it might be useful to have as an addition to my C.V.


Little Weed said...

Good on you. I think I would like English History -the last time I tried an evening class in A level history the subject was Nazi Europe, and although the 100 year build up was fascinating once we hit the mid '30s I got bored & dropped it.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Ah, the jetty!

I wonder if the TC will attract as many visitors as that used to?

Anonymous said...

TC will not work,let somewhere else cover and count the cost of this lunacy.

to paraphrase-visitors 1,000,000 and expenditure £3,000,000 result- hailed as a success.
Visitors 500(being generous here)and expenditure £3,000,000 result- hailed as a success

Anonymous said...

History is a fascinating subject. My old mum did a year long study of church activity in Thanet and Kent and found some really interesting facts. I think local history and research is actually a subject that the college teaches.

Tony Beachcomber said...

The picture can from a sweet box. In the top right hand corner was the words "greetings from Margate". This was removed by Mick Twyman and the picture has circulated in the town since. The steamer arriving is the "conquerer" the funnel colours indicate the owner. I guess it may be Dick and Page, but I am probably wrong.