Sunday, 9 December 2007

Get it right

1-Regardless of the fact that T.D.C do not want Dreamland to exist in any way,shape or form,it seems that for Margate to progress we need to look at the alternatives.
Turner centre-if Museum's are not viable (councils own statement) then Turner will not or ever be a replacement for an attraction that was nationally renowned(Dreamland).
It is cheaper to police a single building than an 11 acre site,but what about income,a free art gallery will not bring any money to the town,in fact it will cost a fortune to keep going,anybody with any sense will visit and then go to Canterbury or Herne Bay to eat or socialise.
How about putting money into the Margate Caves and the Shell Grotto or even the Tudor House
2-What happened to the Puppet Festival ?,Millions spent on an art gallery that is not even started and a refusal to fund traditional entertainment,by the way the man who started the festival has died,would it not be a good idea to make it a regular event as a memorial to a good man.
3-How about reducing business rates for the lower high st,this would enable people to start up and at least be on a level playing field with the mainstream shops,the Market is a really good idea and will help bring people back to the town,I know the Councillors are doing the best they can,but they need to address the smaller issues before they aim for the sky.
4-STOP THE BACKBITING ,the councillors should stop trying to make brownie points and all work for the same result,A stronger ,better and vibrant Thanet that will be a credit to us all.

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Anonymous said...

I have a cunning plan in that regard, Mr Blackadder sir. Check The Tuesday morning Thanet Star blog post.